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Your MC sounds alone yet brave, sad but strong, and pleading for love. When love enters a person's life, it makes all the difference. Maybe you'll do a follow up in the future with a happy ending?
The struggle for acceptance costs. And the end results are almost always disappointing until a person finds complete acceptance in Christ. The reader can feel the pain here, and long with the MC for resolution, for liberty from a need no human can or will meet. Gut emotions—well done.
You wrote a powerful MC. You could feel her pain and anger.
This is sobering, powerful, and a host of other descriptives. I do hope you decide to pursue this further; did God answer?

The pain of our past can become the healing for someone elses future, if we will allow it.
This was an emotionally intense piece. The young girl's feelings and thoughts were so clearly and authentically presented.

I especially liked this part: "You can hide your feelings all right. You can hold them close like a hand of cards. But they’re still feelings. They still hurt. They ‘re all still down there, waitin to see the light of day."

Very well-done!