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This was so good to read this Easter weekend. Yes, the Son of Man was lifted up. Then the curtain tearing from top to bottom. This all fits the topic so perfectly.
I found this story extremely interesting. I immediately googled that Hebrew phrase to find out more, but I couldn't quite find anything. I hope that there are many Jews that will find out the real truth about Jesus! Thanks for sharing this.
Very strong~ very chilling. But in a very good way!

I wondered too as to the validity of the scrolls. Makes you think doesn't it?

good work!
Wow Ken what an awesome piece of work. Very fitting for the Passover and Easter weekend.
Thought provocking.
Love to you all,
Hi Rachel, you won't find this on Google. Infact if you are looking for truth Google won't have it. You will find these words in the only Book of Truth,the Bible!They are in John 19:19. Please remember that there are other versions of those words in the other gospels BUT John was the only disciple who was actually there and would have remembered those awesome words correctly.The secret I shared should make all true believers jump for joy. If you want me to explain more please contact me via my profile. Love in Christ, Ken.