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Hi, I am afraid that foreign readers will never understand what a beautiful land Rhodesia (Now called Zimbabwe) was. I am a South African who not only toured you beautiful country regularily, but was also sent to fight alongside your boys in the bush war. I loved Rhodesia and all its peoples and it has been with increasing frustration that I have watched while Robert Mugabe and his band of thugs have slowly destroyed that beautiful land while the "high and mighty, moral western world" has turned a blind eye to what he has been doing not only to his own people, but to the white settlers who built the country and were the farmers who fed the country. Shame on them! Regards, Ken.
Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful description of these people that have touched your lives. Maybe it would also be an idea to write a detailed story about one of them? Just a thought. I hope that God does bless that country. I had a friend that volunteered there some years ago and I know how touched she was by that experience.