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I am excited that Christians are not being impounded by fear, standing strong in their faith whatever the consequences. People are watching. It will not go unobserved. Amazing seeds are being sown. The truth is now that Christianity does not have equal representation with other cultural practices, even though Western society was built upon it.

Thank you for writing this, and please congratulate Mrs Langley and Faith.
Wowzer, how creative is this!!!! I could see the whole scenario! Great job!
This is so very well written. I could see it happening - seriously - you made the story come alive for me. Great story and great message too. :)
This is really good and very creative.
I enjoyed reading it, and felt the excitement as the kids cheered on Faith.
Love the double meaning in the title--very clever!
This is very creative. Loved it from start to finish.
I LOVE this piece - creative and spot-on topic, with a sobering look at today's American culture to boot. (I'm guessing Mrs. Langley is Faith's mom?)
What a wonderful story Tim. There should be more Mrs. Langleys teaching and willing to share the real reason for the season. Good stuff!! Well done.

Congrats on your Highly Commended in Advanced!!! Awesomeness!!!! So happy for you.
A well deserved highly-commended! This is an excellent piece. I was sad at the end to see that the wife had been fired, but glad to see how it worked out for good. Great stuff! Glad I didn't miss reading this one! ^_^