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Out of the mouth of babes comes the truth. Loved this. Made me laugh out loud.
A very good idea - That first letter was so telling! Well done.
Finally, I get to laugh instead of cry. Thank you~
Good Job....
I don't get time to read a lot of the stories. Your title was the most interesting one so I chose it and your story didn't let me down. Good job. Incidentally I write a Christmas Letter, fortunately nobody named Tommy lives here.
This cracked me up, and so did the comment before mine :) Well done - this is a winner.
An entertaining satire on round robin Christmas letters.
I thought a little of the humour somewhat forced, eg I found it unlikely Dad would comment on Tommy's spelling in such a way. But the contrast between his aspirations for his boys and their true behaviour was quite drole
Too, too funny. Loved the letter from Dad most of all, just made me howl! Very good entry, hope it does well.
This is is great. You had me smiling and laughing out loud. Great job!
The contrast between what the little boy sees in his family and what his father sees is very well done. Enjoyable.
Wow....very telling! I wouldn't want to be in that dad's shoes! :)
This is for everyone who's ever felt a bit intimidated by the annual Christmas letter detailing the idealic past year in the lives of the "perfect" family. This was funny and insightful. A good read.
Oh! The irony! The irony! Shows the difference between religiosity and reality - a lesson we all have to learn from time to time. Loved it! Really like your sense of humour, Dianne.