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Awww, I adored the characters, and the intermingling of the different POVs. Nicely done!
I liked this. I believe you handled the POV fine. I was a little confused about the dad, though. At one point you said he couldn't be home for Christmas and then the boy said his dad would be home. Good job. It is a very sweet story.
The POV shifts are fine. The italics helped. I was a bit confused by the mother's conversation with Stanley. There are verb tense shifts within it. I liked the creativity of showing what the tree must be thinking during the story. Cute.
Nice characterization and a good job with the POV. I enjoyed this.
This is lovely! I enjoyed it. And I think you handled the POV's well. I also didn't have any trouble with understanding that the Dad not home / the accident had been the previous year. Nice piece!
I like the unique take ... You did the POV shifts very well.
You did a good job with the POV shifts. I understood about where the dad was and when. I enjoyed this heartwarming story.
I really loved this story. I wasn't confused about the dad, thought you had made your points very well. Beautiful story to tell a child with a disability. Well done.
I love the way you tease the reader in this story, from ranks of soldiers, to unsuitable branches, to mysterious children. Excellent characterisation
This would make a heart-warming Christmas special on TV. I love the characters.
What a lovely story. Isn't it the way God works, taking the unlovely and doing great things.
I love it! The most rejected tree gets the best assignment! Glory!
I quickly figured out the different POV's and enjoyed the unique perspective. I was a little confused about her comment regarding the father coming home seemed "good at the time." I probably just missed how that played in. I loved how Forester was the perfect tree despite his twisted form. Great message and story!
I misread about the father. He couldn't be home and so the mother thought Christmas with just the children would be good at the time, but the accident happened. I just need to read better:)
Very delightful story with a powerful message. I appreciate that the mother is caring, sensitive, giving, and yet very strong woman in an adverse situation. Blessings, Angel
Cute story! Nice work on this one - it's certainly a challenge to keep it straight when bouncing back and forth with POV - you did well. :)