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What great fun you have had with the post-apocalyptic genre!
I totally got the play on names of your two main characters, and I think you did an excellent job portraying them. Interesting how you worked the Christmas tree into this piece...but the message is quite effective.
Very relevant piece for the times. I enjoyed your 'fictional' tale of the times.
I didn't get the word play, but I knew there must be one. totally loved the story. Great writing.
Oh this was good! I love the futuristic stage this story was set on. Well done my FaithWriter friend.
This creative piece covered the past, present, and future all at once! That's not an easy task, but you made it work.
This is a very unusual entry, and I much enjoyed it. If one didn't know it's an analogy they might be confused, but how could one miss it? LOL :)
You are not creative - you are PROPHETIC! This would have been a hoot, if it weren't riddled with so much truth. :D
I may be reading into this, but those names, if turned around, could resemble a couple other names we are becoming familiar with. I like the analogies, and the fact that truth will prevail.
Great story!
Oooh, I got the word play right away, and wondered how in the world you were going to bring the topic in. Nice job. And it would be funny if there weren't so much truth to it, as has already been said...