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Wow! Powerful words--and I find myself scared to say anything else!
So there is a flaw… this "one" has "feet of clay" and his "power but an illusion." Your writing is amazing and powerful, causing me to analyze my words. This is a very creative/interesting entry for the topic.
Yowzers...very intense writing. The incredibly descriptive phrasing completely captured any writer's distain of the "critic". And your words live on:)
Reminds me of the literary critic in Lady in the Water. This is a fantastic story that I do not expect to win. Not because it does not deserve to but rather because of the wound in inflicts. Bold and powerful. A winner where it counts.
Thanks for the comments. Just wanted to make it clear that this is not about faithwriter's folks :) It is entirely fictional.
I don't know if I've ever read such powerful words on a FaithWriters challenge. Excellent. Yet, at times, I find the critic my best friend. And have been there amongst your words also.
God bless and keep writing.