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Good take on the topic. I hear the jumprope snapping as it hits. Nicely done.
Oh, I had forgotten about the jump rope chants. They can tell a lot! Very creative.
Good rythm for the jumprope chants. Although, the in between parts with the claps reminded me of another game we played with numbers. Very creative!

I don't get it, but you said you wanted little yellow boxes, so here you go! LOL It's probably because I was homeschooled and never played group jump-rope. :) Very creative!
This is well written, and kept me interested. But, I'm sorry to say I don't get the cookie. I didn't get it.
Creative take on the topic. I confess I had to read the reviews to determine the context. Then when I reread it, I realized you painted the setting well, it was just out of the context of my experience. Thanks for sharing.
My kids are home from school because of Hurricane Ike. I think I now want to drag out a jump rope and teach them this one. I'm suddently in the mood to jump! I liked it...very catchy.
No cookie for me, either. But the rhythm was catchy!
This is WONderful. So creative, catchy and clever, with the perfect rhythm. Love it!
I didn't get to this one until after "bricks" so had the extra explanation before I read it. I *think* I would have had it even without that. Very creative entry and use of the topic! I love the jumping chants.
Very good. I love the creativity. It is so very You, my dear!
You wrote, I read. I now know about jump rope chants. Well crafted entry.
I seem to be slow on the draw. I got that it was a chant, but didn't understand the context. Of course, I never was one much involved in group activities unless directed by the gym teacher.
I played jump rope, but don't remember any of the chants. This was well written and cute.