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Your descriptions of Mrs. Jameson are great, "wore her funny hat" and "perched on the edge of her crooked, silver bun, a squashed-sort of shape" I had to read the truth/dare sentences a couple times myself. I wish I could have heard Mrs. Jameson's thoughts as she read them. :)
I was definately drawn in to the story but felt a little rebuffed at the ending.
I'll admit that I'm not sure that I 'got' it. The descriptions are very good and I want to know more about the backstory and the family characters. Intriguing.
I got stuck on the name, 'Mrs. Hartsen', since the MC was a student, and yet she seemed to live with her parents. Wasn't sure how to reconcile that. You had some very good elements throughout this piece, however, such as physical descriptions and thoughts/feelings.
I'm a little unsure of where everything is going with this. Nice take on the topic - probably mirrors our own difficulty coming up with an idea! I was an insomniac in high school since I did my homework all night and slept through my classes....didn't kick the habit till I got out of college! :)
Oh, very good, one of my favorites of yours!

Did you mean "Ms" or "Miss" instead of "Mrs." in the student's name?

This character is extremely vivid and real--I love her!
I find myself very curious to see how this turns out! I would love to know more of the MC's back story. Will there be more? :)
I found the story very intriguing. Very good MC voice and descriptions, especially Mrs. Jameson.
This is very interesting--I like the assignment. I feel like I've just read a little snippet of a much larger story. Nice job with the topic.
Good characterization. I could picture your MC and the teacher. This is a great line:

"A traitor yawn bubbled through my lips."

Well done.
I wonder where your inspiration for this story came from...hmmm? Just love the real life quality in this, Sara. Quirky, fun, and definitely made me want to read more when I got to the end. (Doesn't hurt that I can TOTALLY identify with this MC, either!) ( ;