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You've done nice work on this. I especially like, "the Carpenter, with nails in His hands, -- Has built complete, twixt God and man, the Bridge that always stands. -- My broken hammer cannot add a single plank to this". This is very enjoyable to read. Thanks.
I found this pleasantly warming as a gentle flame's glow reflected from the hearth. Thank you!
This was about the hardest hint I've ever had to follow! :-) I hope this belongs to who I think it does because I want to compliment you on an absolutely GREAT poem. BTW, Verna also had trouble following your hint, too. hehe. I'm so glad you posted this because it's you at your absolute best, my loving friend! Big hugs!
I know nothing about poetry but this was fun to read and clear in its message! So... great job in my book! ;-)
What a wonderful message. I found it very uplifting and I especially was touched by the third stanza. I admire those who can write poetry. I'm still working on it.
Well, Edy, I hope this superb verse is yours. Not only does it contain one of my fav scriptures, but you ministered it expertly. I read it first and then sang it. All it lacked was a refrain. Great job. God bless.
Oh, Edy, so good. You have captured the essence of Christian living. Living for Him, in Him, because of Him. I love the verse "Without the living water there’s no bath to wash me clean." Got richly bless you my sister.
Oops, sent before reading: "God richly bless".