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Great thoughts and love the humor! I could relate to much of your article, particularly the "loving hand against my forehead with my arms punching the air" LOL Every one of us has an "it" in our lives to battle, don't we?
Blessings, Lynda

P.S. Woo-hoo! I think I am one for one in guessing the author of each article! (and it had nothing to do with your name being inserted in there LOL)
Loved It! I learnt something from you in this article, because it seems we are cut from the same cloth - thanks for the insight.
LOL loved your humor! God bless you.
Outstanding. Personal, and real, humorous and poignant, all at the same time! These were my favorite parts:

>> ...extend the left-boot of fellowship...<<

>>He wants character, not linguini.<<

>> Picture God standing there, His loving hand extended against my forehead and me batting air with my fists.<<

This one's a home run. Thanks for posting it.
I love this! You sound just like me. Great humor and honesty.
Great entry! Very entertaining with a lesson nicely concealed.
From someone who can relate to your emotions - thank you! "It" has been a struggle for me, too! Sometimes cupcakes upside my head do the trick! Good entry.
This is oh SOOOOO REAL, especially tyhe part about being the remedial, spiritually challenged. Thank God someone else feels that way too. I thought I was ALL BY MYSELF. lol. Excellent. Thank you.