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The poor little girl. I was scared for her. I really like the contrast in characters. Wonderful job and now I am ready for the rest of the story. Drat that word count! Ugh!!!
I could feel the fear each time the little girl was told to hold out her hand. Excellent descriptive writing.
You showed so well the cruelty of the mistress and the desperation of the cold girl. Your details are superb, wringing an emotional response from the reader.
I could see this very clearly. You are very skilled at putting the reader in the setting. Well done.
Wow! What vivid descriptions!
You have some interesting characters, although Madame Isabella is hard to understand. Maybe she's supposed to be. I was also confused about what the Rabbi had to do with anything. It seems as if there is more to the story that we don't know.
I'd like to see this plot expanded.
This is such good, descriptive writing and the ending very, very profound. The title helps to understand the story yet I am left wanting to know more.
Excellent read. I was trembling with the girl as she stood before this stern "witch". I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I was reminded of some of the stories I've read by Catherine Cookson. She portrays the dominance of the rich over the poor, the high-and-mighty over the lowly. I felt relief when the old "witch lady" left and was happy that the little girl got her revenge...Great writing...I wanted more, more...Helen
You immersed me in the environment. I feared the Madame, and I could feel her cruelty as I read.

Still waiting for you to expand all these stories. I want more! LOL. :)

Great job!
Great writing.....and so, what happens next?
It reads like a very masterful version of Cinderella 'in the making!'
Thanks, and God Bless. Elizabeth.