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Ouch! Love the surprise ending. Very well done.
Wonderful story. I love the humor.
Too funny. :-p
What a clever ending! A masterful piece of creativity!
Clever, fun, and TOO creative! Ouch is right!
Uh Oh, I think we're in trouble here.

I want to know where this is going next! I sure hope Mary isn't a former girlfriend!

Good story.
Loved it! This is just the kind of crazy fun read I needed this afternoon. LOL. I wish you could have heard me laugh at the end--boy is he in trouble.
Oh my goodness, this is funny. What a great read. You must have had a ball writing it! Kudos!
Oh OUCH! I really hope that Julie missed that "Mary" part at the end...whoops! I loved the interaction between this A line and the head guy, so funny to read! ^_^
LOL. Yep, a definite lady's man that Josh is. You picked a good name for your MC. The forgetfulness made me almost think that you were actually writing about me, except that I don't have good luck with women, so the chances of me proposing to Mary...I mean Julie is unlikely. :)

Thank you for sharing this fun entry with all of us.
yes... very much like mine. I like the back and forth method. Well done.