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It WAS a night to remember. I found the story intriguing, but I was a bit thrown off after the CRACK of lightening. The second half of the story surprised me. I was thinking it was the lightening that took her husband. Then came the surprise that it was a car accident...A bit of a jolt. But a good story, none-the-less....Helen
This was a sweet story with a bittersweet ending. I'm glad she decided to live and had memories for which to be thankful.
I, too, thought it was the crack of lightning that took him. It's a great story and very well written!

What a beautiful, tender story. I loved it!
I appreciate the theme of thanksgiving. No matter the circumstances, we're to trust Christ and thank Him since, er, He's the One with all the power and the knowledge. You look at memory as a gift from Him here, and I think that's an important, postive message. I, however, struggle more with thanksgiving and (because misery loves company) would liked to have see more of a conflict/struggle with thanksgiving before the triumphant ending.
This is a very moving story. These are the times that test our faith, aren't they. But, it's true - God doesn't want us to stay stuck in a rut. Good Work!
What a twist! I sure wasn't expecting the husband to die, I thought that her cancer had come back. Nice job! I loved the memory of walking on the beach and at the restaurant, it was lovely! ^_^
07/23/08 sad. It's a reminder to make each moment count.
I have tears in my eyes. This is well written and so full of love...
At first I thoufht that the woman would end up dying, so I was very surprised to find out that it was her husband instead.

You painted a vivid picture for me of the couple sitting together in the restaurant and walking together on the beach. I felt as if I was remembering that memory together with her at the end.

This was sad, and yet you offered hope in God at the end. I appreciate that. Thank you for sharing this. :)