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Very lovely--made me want to be a part of that family.
This shines!

Your descriptions feel like they just flowed from your pen.

I am glad I read this tribute to a life filled with Thanksgiving.
Wow. What incredible descriptions; vivid, serene, and mesmerizing. I too longed to have such a family when reading this...more than just a family, a legacy of praise and worship. Very well done...
You did an exquisite job of painting the picture of this story. Your words were so clearly painstakingly (and well!) chosen to create just the right picture. Lovely.
This was absolutely wonderful. The narrative flowed so smoothly it was like honey flowing over warm toast. Your descriptions had me yearning to visit with this family. Super job, super.
Blessed Assurance, one of my favourites hymns. What a special piece of writing this is. Made me want to visit the family homestead.
Simply lovely! The descriptions, the feeling and everything was so good! ^_^
I got goosebumps from this. You did a wonderful job transporting me into the scene. Your descriptions and word usage are great. Thank you for sharing this.
All I can say is hats off to all that talent. Your writing takes my breath away..