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I like the voice of this--very authentic--and it reads like a first chapter...I definitely sense that there's more to this story!
I loved the richness of sensory images in your opening paragraph. Your explanation of "eavesdropping" is great and your word choices are very good. I can relate to the moving part of this (after living most of my life 1 mile from where I grew up, we moved 1300 miles away). I would be interested in a part 2 to this story, where you went, and more about why. -- (I know, the 750 word limit). Nice work on this descriptive piece.
I would like to hear the rest of the story.

You had me sitting on the steps with your MC. Semi-nefarious---loved it.
The descriptions, the voice, the setting - I love it all. I hope you plan to expand this into a novel - I'd love to read about this girls adventure and her new home!!
Very good descriptions and vivid to get a feeling for the MC's thoughts.