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This was very creative...LOVED the POV's...uber-clever! Nice twist at the end, and I loved the last line! LOL

You sure got me, but I'm very happy for the surprise ending.
This is hilarious. Creative and clever. I loved it!
The best words I can think of are Creative, Brilliant, Intriguing and Enjoyable Wow, what a delightful, different take on this topic. The "Rooms" on Maple Drive. Nice Job!
This is very creative… I enjoyed it from the beginning. I had to smile at the "bathroom's pride problem". Your ending was great. I love the personification of this house and the excellent creativity with this story.
WOW! This is fantastic! Really off the wall creativity! Bravo!
What they all said--couldn't say it any better if I tried. Loved the word play!
This was awesomely creative. The personification of the walls was perfectly done. This feels like a winner. I hope it is.
So cute and creative, my favorite 'room' is Study.

I hope to see a ribbon for this fun and entertaining entry.
Oooh, this had tove fun to write! I love the twist here that the house was alive and how they all were considerate, especially with holding their meetings in the garage. lol! This was such fun! I really enjoyed it! ^_^
Well, this was so good. I am so glad that study was illiterate and this had a happy ending. What a clever idea for the subject.
Dianne -- Yes, we were kindred spirits this week on Maple Street. How cool!! Now congrats on 9th place in L3 and 37th in the top 40! You're really taken your writing up a notch. You just continue to stay in that top 40. I'm so happy for you.
Letting the house speak for itself -- giving each room a persona reflecting their function.. what a great idea!
A good mix of creativity, "homey" humour and human interest used here to cook up a great story.
I got a little lost in the opening sentence, but caught on when you started naming each room. Maybe I'm slow, or just tired. How would an opening like: "If walls have ears, what if the rooms could speak?"
Where's Maple Drive btw?
...In Houston ... of course!
"Houston, I have a problem!"