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A very unique take on the founding of the USA. I think many Christians tend to ignore the parts of the Bible they don't like, instead of taking all of it, as God intended. Very interesting reading.
hmmn...interesting way of looking at it.Thanks for sharing.
This is a unique perspective on the subject and one that gives people something to think about. Thanks for sharing.
My fourth time reading this, the strength of the message is clear. I will ponder it more.
Hmm, what an interesting concept! The 'current face' of my home country (Australia) started as a place to dump convicts after the USA declared independence and wouldn't take any more ... I'm not sure what that means!
Hmmm...interesting thoughts. Not sure that I agree with them altogether but appreciate the piece none the less.There were occasions when God specifically rescued people from tyrants as well. Not sure that we can know the mind of God at this juncture more than our forefathers. I agree with the dependence on God versus the independence but not sure that they were referring to independence from God. This is a well written opinion piece. Good food for thought.
Very thought provoking article. Seems to be well researched and clearly written.

In the third paragraph, shouldn't it be, George...whom instead of who they defied? Minor detail in an otherwise very well organized and good article.