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As an avid dog lover, I've gone through a box of kleenex today reading about man's best friend, but Cisco, he's something else! Your humor and wit with the telling of his story, down to the tale of the horses, and then having to put him down...broke me down to a pitiful sobbing reader. This was very well written, and the love for Cisco was obvious...and I've got to believe there's a Doggy Heaven up there somewhere. Thanks for sharing Cisco with us...Kudos!
I loved your dog! You had depth in your writing and shared in a way that was not your typical tribute. Very well done!
I loved this story, and I know I would have loved Cisco, too! I could just see him "drooling and dreaming" under the oak tree, chasing the children up trees and swing sets in his eagerness to make friends, and digging the hole the size of Texas in the backyard! However, the part about him and the Arabian horses was just amazing! I think animals sense more than we realize. Those horses knew Cisco was old and infirm, and they wanted to let him know they cared. It was almost like they were blessing him!

Excellent writing! :)
You made a good choice in "Cisco" and an excellent story about him.
Great story, you really brought the reader in to understand and adore 'Cisco'.
Loved your descriptions here and how you helped me get to know Cisco. I felt the MC's pride and joy over his dog.. and rejoiced with you over his life.... Good writing Cathy... Loved it!
Congratulations on taking 7th place in your level with this piece, Cathy!
And you placed 26th overall. Awesome!