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Great! Love the story of disappointing pets.
Hilarious and clever! I've always thought hermit crabs were the strangest pets, but they sure are pretty collectibles! Excellent piece of rhyme!!!!
This was laugh out loud good. Thoroughly enjoyed a poetic view of "pets."
Very clever! Who would ever think to write about hermit crabs! But you did, and it would be interesting to watch them living their night life. I have 3 goldfish and two snails, and the snails are about as interesting as your hermit crabs, but at least we can see them slowly slithering around the glass, doing what snails do.... Good title to your submission. What constitutes a PET?...Helen
You had me hanging on to every word, wondering what the pet was going to be! Very creative and entertaining!
This was really cute, and I enjoyed the chuckles, though I stumbled over the meter in a few spots.
This made me grin all the way through, and when you rhymed "see 'em" and "Museum", I stood up and cheered.
Priceless and creative; I loved it. At first I feared one of your pets would eat the other one. (That'd be a short story.) It's funny, spunky, and educational. Congrats on EC.
Your rhyme was clever, funny, and thoroughly entertaining. Great job, and congratulations for your Editor's Choice Award!
Congratulations on your EC. This is very clever, and funny. Loved some of the rhymes.
Very cute! Love the unique pet angle, too. Congrats on your EC!
Congratulations Betsy on your 1st Place AND your EC. This was just a wonderful rhyme. Clever and fun. I just loved the stanza about rearranging the tank in
"Nightly home improvements"
Well deserved win!
Wow! That's incredible. Hermit crabs are so awesomely cute (when you see them) and this poem creates such vivid images in my mind of the frustration of not been able to see them in action.
Very creative and extremely fun to read. You have definitely put a smile on the face of every single reader of your poem. Congratulations, well deserved!
Betsy -- wanted to congradulate you on this excellent poem. You've had a couple of great weeks with your writing. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Congratulations! I'm a newbie in poetry. I can learn a lot from poets like you. I enjoy your poem. It's so witty and fun to read. Thanks for the example.