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I enjoyed reading this excellently told story with its outstanding descriptions.
I enjoyed this tender story of Maya's care for her daughter-in-law's emotional and physical wounds. I was also intrigued by the hints of a much larger story at the fringes of this one.
Definitely intriguing – hint of a book you are working on?
Good descriptions...although I was puzzled with the silk. It didn't fit a battle scarred soldier, a woman!
The mystery of all those things kept me reading. Is this part of a whole book?
Very atmospheric and evocative writing.

You switched tenses at least once in the middle, and I was frustrated by not fully understanding what was going on.

But the relationship between the two women was wonderfully drawn.
Beautiful descriptions and a rich relationship portrayed here. Lovely.
I enjoyed the rich dialogue and vivid descriptions. Very creative.
Nice writing, Sara, as always. I see great works coming from you. So talented you are, my dear friend!
Ohhhhh, I like this one. It smacks of an historical novel. The only thing I wanted was more of it to read. Fantastic writing my friend!
I see this as a portion of a book as well, was very interested in reading it, wanting more, but did find I wanted to know more about who this person is and what the battle was that she was in.
Creative and well written. I would like to know more. This seems like a piece of a larger work. If it isn't it should be!
I felt immersed in the world you created. MORE! MORE!

Loved the line about craving the hug.
Wonderful! My only complaint is that I craved to know more. I wanted more backstory, and I wanted to know what happened after this. Of course 750 words doesn't allow you to do that, but I think you should consider expanding upon this. I enjoyed the fantasy element, and I liked how you also inserted God into the picture.
Great job showing the relationship between these women. I would like to be able to read more of the story!
I too should like to be able to read more. The descriptions were beautiful and vibrant. I love the imagery of the silken sheets and the warrior... great work! Blessings, Cheri
The writing, like the title possesses a silken, tactile feel and a musical rhythm. Maya was very real to me. Good writing.
Oh I so want to know more! I loved the love and gentleness of the mother-in-law. I hope this is part of a much longer story... maybe even a book :)
Congratulations, Sawa (hehe), on placing 7th in your level and 20th overall. Great job!
You're a great writer. I can feel the tenderness expressed here. Thanks.
I've been reading many of your articles, and loving every minute of it! :)
Surreal - leaves so many questions, really gets the mind working.