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I enjoyed the story of your mother-in-law and your special relationship with her.
Your title attracted me. I love the mentor relationship here, and the humor. THe love between them was such a great example for all who witnessed it. I love that it impressed you so much.
I thoroughly enjoyed this. I loved the way your spaced your paragraphs and sections, giving it a timeless feel. And the change of narrator worked really well too.
However this is one other thing – [wish I could write in small print] I would love to know how you got away with being so far over the word limit!
(Different word processors count differently - by the official MS Word/Works -it's at 749. Footnotes/references are not counted - it may appear over if you use a program with an average count system for word count (Open Office showed it over, but it isn't).

And now that I've actually read it - my husband and I NEVER send mushy cards :) We always go for the funny ones :) I could really relate to this :) Great story :)
Just a quick note here--this entry is not over the word count limit. Footnotes and Author's Notes are not included in the word count (provided they aren't too long). That's been the case right from the start. We don't count them because they aren't considered a part of the entry, but rather as information regarding the entry.

We also don't count the asterisks that divide sections, as they aren't actually words. So when the asterisks and footnote are removed from this entry, it comes in at exactly 750 words.

Believe me, we check everything.

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Okay. I wave the white flag.
But I did like the story!
Very nice story with great characterizations and descriptions. Enjoyed reading this!
A wonderful tribute to the memory of your mother and father in-law. Beautifully written. Well done!!
I can't believe how much you covered in this piece - I felt like I read so much in these few words. That is the sign of a very good writer. Thoroughly enjoyable. :)
I really related to this, as I detest mushy greeting cards, too. I'd have liked to know Sherrie. Nice job.
Awesome writing, Chrissy! I LOVE this!
This was so touching. You painted a beautiful picture with your words in this story. Great writing my FW friend.
Chrissy, this is so precious. It says so much and it says it all so tenderly. Good job.
A really nice piece, and I can't say more, because everyone else here has said them all.
This is very sweet, Chrissy. God has blessed me with a wonderful pair of (future) in-laws, which I am looking forward to gaining much wisdom from through the years...
Your memories are so heart-warming. I enjoyed them and the "mushy" card humor.
Loved your mushies!

I smiled amny times throughout this masterpiece.
This is beautiful and it flowed so well. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.
This was great. I loved the mushy greeting card. Aren't some of them so silly? I think sometimes it's better to just write your own cards. At least they come straight from the heart and not from Hallmark.

Very enjoyable story. Thank you for sharing.
Awww! So sweet! I especially liked how neither bought a card-yet they had their own 'love language'. This was simply wonderful! ^_^
I hate mushy cards, we go for the funny ones, too.

Very well written.
Wonderfully told memories... I bought funny cards for my ex because that's all he would read. I love that Ken and I send mushy cards to each other, but only if the words ring true. Great job.