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A wonderful story, good job keeping the dialect consitant. I used to work with foster kids when I worked in childcare. I always had a soft spot for those kids.
I agree. Great job with the dialect and good story.
Very sweet story.
Absolutely marvellous!A classic...well done!How nice...Benny's waiting.
Very touching story but wasn't it wonderful that God sent Benny into your life to make that great change in it. You made good use of the dialect too.

Nice job, wonderful dialect. Thank you.
Too bad there weren't more Benny stories like dis one. I like dem kin'.
Good job, good job! This is one of my favorites. Definitely a winner in my book!
I be lovin' this story. Good job wit the speakin'. Kep' me int'rested all the way to the endin'.
They took Jesus wit’ them in their hearts but also left Him here wit’ me. They left me pieces of them too. This is my favorite line. Great piece. Fun read with a solid message.
I enjoyed every word all the way to the end! Well crafted, entertaining and believable. Loved it! :)
Benny is one of my favorites! You do the dialog very well.
Dialect can be very tricky to pull off. You did a really good job. Very touching story!
A very touching story. Well written, beautifully focused on the feelings of a child who has suffered abuse. A great message of love and hope.
Like the way you took the reader on a journey of hope. Well characterised.
Wonderful story!
Gorgeous! And WELL DONE for the way you've used one variety of the English language so consistently right through! Wow!
Good story - and as a social worker, I find it especially enjoyable. I would love to know the inspiration for the story?!
Looks like a winner. Enjoyed the read.
Jo, you are so good it hurts! :) This was one of my favorite entries this week. Great dialect, description and a wonderful message. Congratulations!
I know when a story is good because I literally get shivers down my spine when reading it. This happened to me at several spots in your story. Really beautiful and bittersweet. You really captured the mood through your words and descriptions. Well done!
Truly amazing, a story that touches the deep part of the heart. Thank you, and thank you. You've showed the good that can come out of the evil of a violent parent. Thank you. God continues to bless and inspire you, remain in touch with his voice.

God bless,

No secret why you are in Masters, because this earlier work just screams way better than advanced. You have a ton of talent and I enjoy reading your work. Benny is indeed a classic. Thanks for throwing that brick.