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Wonderful! At first, I was concerned at the priest's answer to the girl, but then the lady carried her straight to the cross! Marvelous grace!
Wow! This is one of my favorites! Good job.
Yes, the vacant Cross is the story isn't it.
Absolutely excellent in every way. One of my top picks this week. Isabela was very believable and the message is STRONG. Great work!
Beautifully done. I don't know if I would have used the words holy, rose again, etc to a kid.This would be even better with all of the dialogue in kidspeak.
I enjoyed the comparisons of the two crosses, both remind us of what happened. Very nice :)
Poignant and purposeful. A fantastic witness!
Yes, the comparison of the two crosses worked for me too. Believable characterisation. The analogy, although well know, works well in this context. I think you need to find alternative words for the 'godspeak.'
I agree. This is well constructed with an excellent story. Bravo Bravo!
A very fitting Easter entry - great message combined with a delightful story and the chance to travel!
Loved the two crosses intertwined into the story. Well written and well done. Could feel her emotions through out. Good job!
Hooked me right from the start. Excellent writing.
Amy, this is a charming, endearing story. I loved the use of Spanish adding to the realistic flavor.