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Oh, this is darling and cute and creative. Made me feel happy all over at the end. If you wanted a happy ending, you succeeded. Great on topic and well done.
This was really sweet. Many times people gloss over the loss of our four-footed friends.
A stealth blesser! I love it!
How sweet! Sometimes that's all it takes--just something small like chocolate and nail polish. I like this--the story and the thoughts and actions behind it.
This is wonderfule, a movement like this could change the world. Great Job here! Blessings to you.
There have been a few times when I could have used one of these visits and, I am sure, I few times when I could have dropped off some gift bags. Very well done.
Cute story. It reminded me of "secret Valentine pals" I used to have at work.
Just lovely - talk about being hands and feet. Loved the little poems and the parallels you used in each vignette. Wonderful, Sara!
This was cute and oh if more people like this would take notice and do those little acts of kindness, what a happier world it truly would be.
Random? acts of kindness - what a great idea. I must be on the lookout more often to do these kinds of things. Here, at home, every May Day we find a fresh boquet of flowers on our front porch when we get up to get the paper...(random/kind/thoughtful)it does bring joy into our home.
Sara, You did a great job with this. I could just see the joy as each person opened a gift. And the joy of the giver was even greater. I love your story.
This is one of my favorites of yours. Creative with such heart, I love it, just love it!
Hopefulness and happiness all tied up in a bow at the end--I love it!
Love the little rhymes introducing each vignette - very creative format. Perfectly on topic, love the title, and it has a happy ending too! :)
Sara, this is priceless! if only we all could and would be that selfless to think of ways ... little ways are never really little .. ways to reach out... Loved it! You are an amazing writer.. with a sensitive heart...