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Kudos to Frank for deciding to quit the pity party and get up there and see if there isn't some way he can start helping again! I like how you tied in his background to helping the new neighbor. This was good. ^_^
This kept my attention the whole way through. Glad Frank was able to escape feeling sorry for himself.
God can use us where he puts us, what a great message. This felt real, thanks!
Great characterization, with a very believable transformation. This felt very real.
Very good story. You fooled me when the man was only in his 20's. Excellent job!
Great message in a well-written piece.
Very cool :) A great lesson - don't focus on what you can't do, but what you can.
A good illustration of the topic and also a way out. I, too was surprised he was so young, based on the earlier descriptions. Living in morbid regret ages a person.
This story involved me at the very beginning. My mom was handicapped from a car wreck, and I remember so well her battle to feel like she could do any good in the world. And by the way, she did. Well done.
What an old grumble-bum Frank was in the beginning. I loved the bit about noisy kids and annoying cats. So glad he woke up to himself. Great story Ms Chrissy :)
Wonderful story and message my friend. I love the turn around at the end. Well done!
Your writing was very good, as usual, I enjoyed the story!
Great characterization! like your take on the topic!
A great example of the topic. It was fun to reread this and see the hints--way to go!
Great characterization of Frank, and I love Nancy's line toward the end: That's not the only thing he lost...Very good writing.
I enjoyed your story and was glad to see Frank come to a happier frame of mind.
I suspected what Frank's profession had been — more competent than most of us would have been under the same circumstances. Good story
What a great story. The characters are realistic. I was thinking that the Lord really does put situations in our path to provide opportunity to clear our thinking...if we take them. Good job, wonderful writing!
On topic, girl! Good story, too. Now, how did "Frank and Nancy" show up in both our stories (^&^) -- must be great minds move in the same channels, right! I noticed SirWilliam had a Frank, too.

Thank you for commenting on my Oasis story. I sure appreciate you, friend!
Great story. I love reading stories where people finally come outside of their self absorbtion and pity.
Well written with an easy flow.