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Clever piece. I like the idea of learning about someone from their bookshelf.

Some of the language sounded a bit unnatural - try reading your dialog, especially, aloud and see if it sounds just right to you.

I was worried about this woman - so glad it all turned out well.
A little slice of life story and good characterizations kept me reading this. I wish I could see what was on HIS bookshelf!
Great idea here, so creative. I like looking at people's bookshelves as well, it is a tell!
I like this guy...I always do the SAME thing...if I'm in someone's house, I look at their bookshelves.
I consider my books my friends as well! I enjoyed reading this - little worried about the woman at first, but glad it turned out okay! Good job, but you might lose points because you used part of the proverb in your last line!
This is good. A very good take on the topic.
A clever take on the topic. I’m not sure that I would group Dan Brown in the same class as Jane Austen and John Milton. Then again, he’s sold a lot more books than I ever will!
As has been said, I also examine other people’s bookshelves. Mainly so I can see what I can beg and borrow!
I love the twist with the books. How true, though, we can tell a lot about people from the books they read. Nicely done.