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This was a lot of fun, and I loved the twist of irony at the end.

I like the internal rhyme, and wish you had used it throughout.
There were a few meter inconsistencies, but they could not spoil the overall effect.
Very well done! Keeps me going all the way to the end. I like the pattern of rhythm and rhyme.
Clever, and great rhythm for this.Of course I loved the last line. Priceless!
Love this story inside the poem! Fun!
Oh, cute! I love these kinds of poems. Yours has a rollicking swing to it that is just plain fun :)
Great story poem! Way to rhyme!
What a fun read! When the meter is on, this ditty just dances. I love the ironic twist at the end. Good work.
Awesome! Loved the ending, loved, loved, loved it! Wonderful use of internal rhyme, too. A winner here? Maybe...
I'm not an expert in the mechanics of poetry, but I enjoyed your tale and thought it flowed pretty smoothly. Very entertaining. God bless.
Very entertaining poem and loved the last stanza!
I have no idea how to red ink poetry, but I thoroughly enjoyed your poem.
I flipped and dipped and swayed to this one. Too clever!
Wow...and kudos to Flipper, Dipper and Shay! This is great! What a fun story. I love the rhyme and meter. Good work!
Congratulations! You have just almost written a double sestina and didn't even know what a feat you had accomplished. You have your verses broken down into quatrains, but they could easily be divided into six lines in a stanza. Sestinas usually tell a story and usually repeat certain parts of the story that appeared in the verse before(maybe changing it a little and maybe just restating).

Sestinas end in just three lines. You have thirteen verses. The first six would make one Sestina plus borrow three lines from another verse. Then you have a full six verses left plus three to finish off perfectly two Sestinas or one big double. That's fantastic!
I can almost hear the song! This one could be in an illustrated Chidren's Book!
Cute! A fun and nicely ryhming read, for some reason, it reminded me of veggie tales, I could see them digging a hole and getting surprised with bones instead of jewels, the end is a real kicker. Good job! ^_^
Wonderful poem! Really lighthearted and cute. I enjoyed this one very much.
This is so clever and well-writen and the ending had me chuckling outloud. The rhyme had be thinking of the legend of Molly McGee. Definetly top-drawer material.
I'm still laughing. I love the rollicking meter of this "pirate-y" verse. This one begs to be read over and over again - out loud. Here's one I wish I'd written. ;-)
Five stars! Oh, I LOVE this. I see one teeny boo-boo:
‘Til they finally reached there goal.
Should be "their" goal. but that's really nit picky, I know.
This is just marvelous. I love rhyming poetry, and I love this one especially. The ending is perfection.

Love it. The meter was so sing-songy. This was a great read, and the ending was perfect.
Oh! What a treat!! I'm a sucker for treasure stories and this one is at the top! So cute, whimsical, and even has that little sting at the end! If this doesn't win something I'll eat my pirate's hat! Great job!!
Congrats on your placing in Advanced and on the EC list. This was one of my favorites this week.
Congratulations on 4th place in advanced and on your EC! :)
AWESOME!!! I enjoy your writing very much. Keep up the great work.
That was a clever and fun read. Thanks!