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Wonderful descriptions. I felt like I was right there. Loved this.
INcredible writing. From the very beginning, I felt like I was a part of the story.
This could be a first chapter in a novel. Reminds me of a western-a nice cozy read. Good job with this!
It DOES read like the beginning chapter of a novel. Very nice story and great descriptions made this an enjoyable read.
A wonderful story that was weaved throughout with the "Topic" of the week. My only suggestion would be to Capitalize "Maker"...
Enjoyed the read. Nice job.
nice job!Peaceful walk through a well planned day.
I love the writing style in the story. Even with the problems, it was smooth and peaceful. Excellent job!
Loved your positive perspective on the topic. Enjoyable, peaceful story...just as the Bible says God is of order and peace. You show well how these things go hand in hand.
This was a wonderful story to read. The descriptions were lovely. Thank you so much for writing this.
What I liked most about this is that you're one of the few people this week who actually showed someone "stitching in time"--not learning their lesson the hard way.

On the other hand, there's not any conflict in this story, and conflict is what really pulls readers along.

All in all, this is a serene and peaceful slice-of-life, and I enjoyed it very much.
Glad I looked for this, I agree with the others who suggested a novel. Loved the names of the animals!
I loved how your MC talked to his animals. Great characterization! I agree, this should begin a novel!
I loved your descriptions in this little story that not only illustrated the topic well, but gave us a clear picture of a Christian farm couple. Good writing.
Peaceful, very nicely written. This made me feel good.
The way the last paragraph echoes the voice of the first is delightful. A nice change of pace with a story showing a stitch actually saving nine. Love the slow, leisurely pace, and the peace that flows from your writing.
When will we see the other 14 chapters!? Your descriptive writing perfectly paints the old Kentucky homestead--and the echoes of conflict are there: the 'varmint' and the 'gully washer'. If only the animals could talk back...hmmmmm....a children's story!
Your writing is 'pretty' and you illustrated the stitch in time without being preachy at the same time. Really well done.
I really enjoyed how the first and last paragraphs showed the theme in a spiritual sense. The repetition of this fact shows that even though less obvious, this aspect of a stitch in time is even more important than fence and chicken coop maintance.
Beautifully written and, from living on a small farm I can attest, the time to fix anything is now, not later. You did a wonderful job of showing the topic this way...your writing was a pastel of subtle colors that soothed the reader into the message. Great job!
Beautifully written. It takes me back to the farm. Don't you love terms like "gully-washer"? :) Thanks for writing this!