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Great example of the topic. I really enjoyed the lesson that we rob ourselves of God's blessings when we pridefully refuse help from others.
Wonderful message in this story! I needed to hear this today. When I think of how much I could do, if I firmly believed God has blessed me with the gifts to do what my heart! That's a life-changing image.
What is they say on here when you hit the topic? Spot on (I think). This is a great example of the topic as well as a humble lesson of giving and receiving.
Good lesson shared here. We would all rather give than receive, I think. Too much pride in us! Thank you for sharing!
I can SO relate to this - very well-told. This felt a touch dialog-heavy, but that could be me. Perhaps a bit more action? Love the last line.
Well done. Great story, quality writing.
Pretty good stuff. I got a little lost with the dialog, but otherwise the story line came through. Thanks.
So true, and I loved the twistwith the mobile at the end.