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This was a sad entry, too. So many of them this week. This was very good. I was thoroughly engaged and was hoping the blind minister would end up the husband:) Thanks for sharing!
You did a great job of baiting your reader. After the description of the speaker, it was ironic to learn that her husband was blind. I really enjoyed this touching story.
Very moving. I loved the rising tension and your descriptions. I'm so, so glad it had a happy ending. I loved it.
This is really good. The writing kept me interested and wanting more. Although I figured Martin was the youth minister at that church, I was totally surprised that he was Anna's husband. You did a great job with the topic.
This is outstanding!
You really have a wonderful story here. Great job!
Very excellent writing here. I love this approach and the message behind it.
Courage in the face of uncertainty...this story illustrates it so very, very well. Great job in putting the reader in the MC's shoes and showing her honest emotions.
My, My What a story. Extremely well written and presented. I like about everything you write, but this is one of my favorites. The voice seems a lil different (maybe new) and the writing style fresher or trying something different. In either case, it is was a success. Brilliant!!!!!
God bless.
Wow, I loved Anna and her willingness to open her heart to the youth group. This was such a good example of what we all need to do. Fantastic writing!
Perfect! I love the characters, the surprise ending, and especially the message of the promise that God is able to use every person who comes to Him with an honest heart! You captivated me right from the first sentence. Simply beautiful.
I love this kind of story where God takes a gut-wrenching life circumstance and hones it to His awesome purpose and you did such a good job of telling it.