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Good story with realistic characters and plot. I like the final few lines which explain the "stranger" and his motivations.
This story touches a few heart strings... I really like it!
Very good. I think you could go ahead and write a whole lot more. Nice portraying of characters.
Really good voice. This is well written. I enjoyed reading it.
You did a great job writing this. LOVE your title! My heart felt tender after reading it.
Excellent job. Very smooth in style and extremely entertaining. I enjoyed your entry very, very much. Thanks for posting it. God bless.
I really enjoyed the movement in this story. I could see it play out in my mind. What a great example at the end that the one we are sharing with may not be the only one affected by our words. Cool how the cop was watching for trouble in the beginning, and looking for truth in the end! Loved it.
Marvelous hook! Good job with authentic dialogue, too.

FYI--"blonde" refers to a woman's hair; if it's a guy, he's "blond." And "Bible" is always capitalized.

Such minor nitpicks! This is a super story.
Oooohhh this is so good! Very enjoyable, can't-wait-to-see-what-happens action. Good job.
This is a great piece! Well written.