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Wow! This poem says it all about evangelism. It's simply wonderful in how it's crafted and the message it carries. I love it.
The title could not be a more perfect way to describe the wonderful acts and fruit evangelism brings. So comprehensive and well written.
The rivers and the waterfalls
Race lakes down to the sea,
Declaring as they rush along
God’s might and majesty.

My favorite stanza. Excellent job. God bless.
I truly enjoy your poems. Rhyming poetry is my favorite, and you do it well. This was lovely.
You organized your thoughts so well, and it is beautifully rhymed. Glory to God in the highest for the tremendous talent He has given you!
My favorite stanza is the last one, which could stand on its own as a precious mini-sermon. The rest of this is lovely, too!
Everyone and Everything should point others to Christ. God's creation does. We should, too. I loved the message of this poem. You are a gifted poet.
Wonderful, wonderful!
Beautiful colorful descriptions of how nature cries out, so man is without excuse. Very nicely written!
Very nice! I especially like the last verse. This is just great writing! ^_^
Oh, Verna! This is absolutely beautiful! It just thrilled my soul as I randomly chose this poem and read those wonderful images of nature and how the earth praises God and tells His story. And the ending, when you drove home the point about our need to evangelize,..well, it just touched my heart deeply. It is so true. What a blessing this poem is, and what a blessing YOU are!