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I really enjoyed this story! The characters come alive through both description and dialogue--I could just see and hear those obnoxious triplets.

To make the clique a family of triplets adds an unusual, unexpected twist--very interesting. I wonder if the author knows some triplets like these(?). I've run into Sunday school cliques before, but never in triplet form! Could identify with the "outsider" guest.

Great title, too--it drew me in right away!
I liked this, with the triplet idea. Very creative.

A few questions felt unanswered... One is what did the triplets need to explain to Becca?

Very good over all. I enjoyed it, and could hear the conversation perfectly.
Your story kept my attention from the title to the last sentence. Keep writing!
All too often there are cliques and your dialogue was on target. Good job.
You definitely have a gift for getting into the mind of the teen, my friend. This felt so authentic. Excellent characterization.
Your title made me want to "click" on it. Seriously, though, this is a VERY good story....I like it that you made it about something with which many can associate. Nicely done.
The conversational tone and writing reminded me of "Little Women" Great job and the story itself was very believable and a quick read that left at least this reader, what's up with Becca?
Very intriguing.