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Very good story--moving, tender, bittersweet.

Your first two paragraphs are past tense, then the rest is present tense. I think the present tense works very well here. FYI: "never mind" is two words.

This is a really, really good story that touched my heart.
This story is filled with strong, vivid emotions and a memorable character.
A very moving piece. Excellent read, thank you :)
This is really beautifully done. I love especially Mekki's words to the MC.
This is absolutely beautiful and stirred my heart in all the right ways...
Sara - this is absolutely lovely and wonderful and moving. You choked me up. Excellent dialog and descriptions and EVERYTHING.
What a beautiful story. What a wonderful friendship. What a blessing your MC has in store. This is really a touching, moving piece with some absolutely tereffic dialogue. Great job!
Very touching story and well told. Thank God for the "Mekki(s)"of the world.
I love this friend....her tender love and kindness to this hurting child of God. Love this story.
What a wonderful friend! Great writing, kept me interested all the way through! Be blessed, He writes through you.
Sara! I'm so behind on reading but wanted to congratulate you on making the top 40---very well deserved. This had such heart I felt like I was in the room watching. Excellent!!!