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This beautifully written piece touched me deeply and brought me to tears. You captured all the sights, sounds, and emotions with aching tenderness in this memorial to a faithfully loyal friend and companion. I, too, walked this road when it was time to say goodbye to my special little friend, a beautiful Siamese who stayed by my side every day of her fourteen years. Thank you for writing this achingly beautiful piece.
I loved this story! Very moving and with beautiful, vivid descriptions--I felt as though I were there.

The ending did catch me by surprise, however. Through most of the story, I assumed Sophie was a human being and pictured her as a child or young woman with a serious illness and/or multiple disabilities. That she turned out at the end to be a dog really threw me! Am curious if this was intentional on the part of the author.

Great title--a personal name in a title always sparks my curiosity.
Oh, so sad! But a lovely tribute to the Sophies of the world (my own beloved Sophie is a cat...)
Your entry is very well-written and would touch the heart of anyone who has said goodbye to beloved pet. It sounds like Sophie had an amazing life with you.
Very well done! Excellent descriptions - very visual in every way.
Superb writing. Your descriptions of the clinic and Ellen's emotions was great. Thank you for sharing this difficult time. Our pets are beloved members of our families.
Beautiful prose, and the memories are heart-breaking.
We will soon be going through a similar situation with our dog - your writing this beautiful tribute could not have come at a better time for us. Thank-you so much!
Congratulations on your highly commended. This is heart-wrenching -- and written very well. Good job.
This eally touched my heart. I too have had to see a beloved pet put down and it is heart-wrenching. They are so secure with us and dependent on our judgement and love to do what is best for them. Beautiful job of telling the story of master and pet.