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I love the season's changes through time. Watch your tenses, though. Great poem!
I love big, old trees! I like how solid they feel, and massive they are around. I like the way their roots go deep, and especially, I like to think about how young they once were when our ancestors first spied them in the rugged wilderness. So, needless to say, I love this poem!
I love poems like this that so eleoquently and beutifully show the progression of the struggle to survive and grow.

And a tree was a perfect choice. Well done!
Great poem--great message--great example
This is so beautiful! Autumn is my favorite season and this just seems to sum up all the seasons and feelings of survival and new life as the years go by. A different kind of boldness! Beautiful writing! ^_^
Seasons come and seasons go
Grand valor takes its place,
No longer swayed by winds of time—
Grown to majestic grace.

This little poem describes our life exactly! I tried to paste a line I liked and it was hard to pick just one!
We were just talking about trees the other day on the message boards. I once lived in an area where trees were scarce. I am now surrounded by them (almost a forest) and I appreciate them so much since we went without for a while.

This is beautiful. I really liked figuring out what you were talking about. Then I began to picture the tree in my mind and I could see the growth and change. Great job. You are so talented.
Now tell me again, why did I wait so long to read this? LOL Test of Time, a perfect title for a perfect poem! Excellent job!
Lovely poem, lovely comparison! Great choice of subject matter for bold. Tree-mendous! ;-)
Loved the autumn verse. Wonderful imagery.
I tried to pick a favourite part but, like Laury, I just couldn't choose. I liked the reminder that something that is so small and insignificant to begin with can grow to such strength and maturity. Kind of like us, huh.
Lots of beautiful imagery here!
Beautiful imagery - personally, my favorite stanza is the last, but love them ALL. This flows beautifully. Thank you for blessing me.
This is really lovely. I'm particulary fond of nature poems of any sort, so this held my attention. Very nicely done.
I love the opening:
"Below the frozen ground he waits,
In restless sleep he lies
Protected from the wind and rain
That flow from steely skies."

In my imagination, I conjured up ideas that didn't include trees. The imagery suggested something like Hallowe'en, or even hibernation.

I like that ambiguity that hooks the reader to learn more :) Good job, Friend!
I ditto Edy's comment. Loved the amiguity that was resolved later in the poem as the meaning became clear.
This was a well done poem that really promoted peace and stability within me. How God's creation ministers to us in times of chaos or disappointment. Great job, friend!
Great writing! Such colors in your writing, sharp images. God Blesses your ability to write!
Wonderful imagery, using God's creations to display boldness. Great job!
Chrissy, I'm not much of a poetry person. But this one reads so beautifully that even I, one with a limited poetic soul, can appreciate it. Great job.
I love reading your poetry. It flows so easily. I really enjoyed this with all the seasons changing.
Chrissy you have really found your niche in the world of writing. I loved every word. I became the tree:)
Beautiful imagery!
Oh, I like this one too! Such an amazing story unfolds in your poem - and you make poetry seem easy. :)