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I love reading devotionals like this one! Clever, humorous, and not preachy. Wish I could write devotionals this way! Mine need to have a drink of water applied to each reading, they're that dry. I love the illustration of your very bold little doggy, too!
I was entranced with your bold little dog and the beautiful application you made from her boldness. I was reminded of a little black poodle, Jennie, we had who would put her paws up on the side of the neighbor's lab and scold.
Your title is clever, and I enjoyed this devotional as well.
This was an excellent and entertaining piece--feisty and full of energy, just like Cinnamon. :)
Adorable. Reminds me of how all animals praise god by just being who they are, without the human self -conciousness.
Love it! This was a wonderfully entertaining devotional. And I adore Cinnammon. Blessings, Teri
Great writing! As an animal lover, this made me laugh "Cinnamon wasn’t raised being told “Shoot for the stars!” or “Believe in yourself, girl!” She was raised being told, “Get down off the table!” “Leave the cat alone!” “Bad dog! You’re supposed to do that outside!” Yet her confidence is clearly high; she is certainly able to boldly go where no dog has gone before."

Congrats on your EC and level placement!!
Well done! Congrats on your win!
Hope - This reconfirms why I love your work so much! Loved this - it reminded me of a Sheltie we had - super small dog but tried many times to "protect" us from big dogs we'd encounter on our walks. He'd also tear after UPS and garbage trucks, and buses. In his own mind, he was "da dog!" LOL. This was a great devotional with a wonderful message. Congrats on your placing - it's well deserved!