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Stories of Noah's Ark continues to be some of my favorites and yours fits well into that category. Noah certainly had to be a man of faith and conviction, qualities still as difficult to find today as it was then.
I devoured the whole piece. The mocking, almost humorous...Then,"Hey, stop spitting on me!"...I love that line. And the “countdown sign"--What a hoot! Great stuff--You really get the message across. And here we are, living in the generation that’s come full circle. “As it was in the days of Noah, so the coming of the Son of Man will be..."
I loved your modern retelling of this story. I smiled at "not." Do you suppose God did, too?
Very, very cute. I could see the joksters begging to be let in.
Telling this story from the scoffers' perspective put a whole new spin on it. I enjoyed the irony and the humor you included. The ending seemed a little rushed, but that word count will get you every time! Great job.
Loved how lighthearted this cautionary tale was. Cute! (and I think I may know who wrote this) I could see this as a skit - fun!
Really clever--teens would like this, for its modern attitude and its snippy antagonists. Great fun!
I loved the bantering between Elam and Amari-It made for a fun read, even though I knew the tragic outcome for them. I could see this as a cartoon strip. Good job! Hugs!!! :-)
Patty voiced my thoughts exactly-comic strip-so cool! The dialogue between the two scoffers is spot on for the personalities you created for them. Good writing. Very entertaining.
This was really good. It's so hard to imagine how things might have been in Noah's day. You made it very plain.
Very fun to read. I love the sarcastic humor. You did a great job with the dialogue.