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Love the tone reads just like a conversation with a friend.

We must be nearly neighbors, by the way...I'm in Berrien County, MI, and WFRN is my radio station, too.
Great lesson in listening, trusting, and obeying. Also from MI...Holland.
Your story, which I assume is a personal experience, brought to mind that we should be careful not to grieve the Spirit. I know that I personally am not mindful enough that what I see and hear, if voluntary, God's Spirit in me must also endure. Thank you for obeying the voice of the Spirit and sharing His words.
Isn't it just maddening when the Holy Spirit starts to whisper the little words of wisdom to our hearts, and it's usually the last thing we want to hear about out "plans"! You've achieved a humorous and friendly tone in this wonderful entry.
I really appreciate your well-written witness of God's leadings here. I remember once having a DVD that I loved to watch. I had a whisper from the same direction as yours, "Throw it away." I thought, "I can fast forward through the unsavory parts," but the whisper persisted, and I felt much better after obeying. I have found that if God wants us to give something up, He always has something better with which to replace it.