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Very well written piece -- with a great message. Too often we do accept as "fact" whatever our teachers, the media, people of authority, tell us.
I loved this story!!! Wondering if it was a true love story... excellently written... certainly fits the subject matter and reminds me just how crazy the lies satan has planted have become... Thank the Lord for Campus Crusade.. great writing..! LOVED IT!
Great story — you had me all the way through.
Excellent story and very well of the best I've read so far.
Woo-hoo! A biology story and a proponent of the Creation Science Museums. (A new one is opening in Cinn.,OH this summer!)And a romance, all rolled into one. Very good writing and flow with your story. I love it!
Too much, too fast, too few words to get the full story. I like this a lot - nicely done and covered a lot of yeras in so few words. (My husband and I are going to Cincinnati next week to the Creation Museum - I hear it's great.) Anyway, I mark this as one of my favorites this week. :)
Very well written, told 2 stories here. And guess what they're still together 40 years later! That's pratically unheard of. Good Job!
You know what I really liked (besides the storyline, excellent descriptions, and a smooth transition between past and present) was that you hit the topic without actually mentioning 'confused'.

(Totally guilty of using the word a time or twenty myself)

This was wonderful!
This had a great flow and was neat that you totally fit the topic without using the word. Very well done!
This was a great read with a promising message. I wish more "students" could engagage in that simple paradigm shift!
Wow, Cathy, this is such a well-written story with a very important message! Your two main characters were well-drawn, and your descriptions are excellent! I agree that it is a multi-layered piece with it's romantic "bit" and with the creation/evolution theme. Great job! :)