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The first lines drew me in. A cute story. Indeed, we all have been there.
The topic was deffintely nailed down. Good telling of the event.

I was, however, waiting for something as an individual reader that never came in the story for me. Something to unfold that never did.

Thanks for posting and keep on writing.
Sounds so familiar it could have been one of the many times this has happened to me. Since I'm still not sure exactly what you did, I figure you captured the topic well!
I wonder if you are still having this problem today? Rule of thumb, if you miss your exit and up at the next one you will eventually get back to the right exit if you keep making rights, but the fastest way is turn left and one more left will take you back the way you came and the first exit is yours, EASY! This is a problem that is easily resolved. The telling was fun though.