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All I can say is WOW! Such vivid description. And of course, I loved the historical setting. Simply amazing!
This story is one that remains in memory long after it's been read. Just excellent writing.
Forgiveness, like the ocean waves you describe in that beautiful last line, wipe away the anger and everything that caused it. Great writing.
This is amazing! I definitely want to know more about the setting...and your last 3 paragraphs are a decrescendo of wonder.
excellent message, gripping story
This is wonderful. Such vivid descriptions. I could see the whole, terrible thing. Great writing. I saw and felt the anger.
Such a valuable lesson, and one that would be hard to remember udner the circumstances. The description is wonderful, as is the writing. Well done.
Incredible ... masterfully incredible!
This was a riveting read; the plot unfolded perfectly. What Llwyd asks of his brother at the end is quite a tough pill to swallow, and gives the reader much to think about. Wonderful, wonderful writing as always! Good luck!
The last line is a masterpiece by itself. Your descriptions are perfect. I was shuddering with the hiding brothers over the savagery displayed. Wow! Out of curiosity: are the invaders Norsemen? And the brothers Gaelic?
I was captured by every word. I, too, felt I was right there in the story. You are an amazing story-teller! Wonderfully and horrifically vivid descriptions. Masterfully crafted in every sense of the word!
Powerful, powerful POWERFUL! Especially love the second to last paragraph. Just excellent, as usual.
How does one measure such bravery against such evil - possibly with stories such as this. Great job.
This was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have stopped reading even if I had wanted to. The drama and imagery are wonderful. Good job.
Congratulations on your EC! A wonderful story:)
I want more of this. WOW. Amazing writing. The way you have built up your climax to slowly portray the brothers who fell and the main character's reactions is nothing less than excellent! Love this piece!You have to compile this into a historical fiction short atory or novel as this is truly a great read!!:0)