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I love this quirky devotional! It was so funny and unique. I really liked all the anecdotes. You certainly have a talent for writing humour. I particularly liked this line:
'My mother didn’t tell us we couldn’t say “Shut Up”, she however insisted whenever we said “Shut Up” it be done with a smile on our face.'
I'd like to see someone try that one!

I enjoyed the different takes on anger. You get the point across with humor. Good job.
Fantastic Title! I particularly love the co-worker who sat quietly through a tirade and then produced one of her own - for the fun of it! What a girl! I bet she made them laugh.
Fascinating exposition. Well done.
You have great sense of humor. There were many points that made me chuckle. The paragraphs jumped around a little. But, I enjoyed reading it.
An enjoyable read, and a relief from the mundane. Your humor is endearing.
A refreshing read from the mundane. Your humor is delightful and breaks up the monotony. Keep up the good work.
great title and good essay, thanks for the fresh read!