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Excellent. Thank you.
Great imagery, a great story in general. I had never heard of this story...thank you for bringing it to light.
Oooooh. I am totally covered in chills from head to toe. The house part of the story would have been enough, but then the story of poor little Mary, too. Oh my. This is very, very good.

I am completely fascinated by the house part. Excellent!

Love, Teri
Oh wow. This is beautiful. Excellent, excellent job. I wouldn't change a thing.
After reading many topical "sad" stories today, this is the first that brought a lump to my throat. Sad, so sad. Thanks for sharing this haunting and true story...God Bless the Little children; and yes, I'm sure God's Tears fell on little Mary's coffin.
Wow. I never knew this story either. This was so well done.
Absolutely excellent storytelling. Just beautifully haunting and sad. Amazing job creating the mood.
Your "experiment in voice" turned out absolutely beuatifully. The house becomes a character in this very literary work. One of my favorites this week; it deserves recognition.
You sure know how to set a scene and mood. Very good, yes sad, but great writing. I'm impressed. God bless.
From the title to the last line, this is tremendous writing.
Thank you for bringing this true story to life with your writing.
Wow! I'm so intrigued. I didn't know about Mary, or this house. The next time I go to this town, I'm going to look for it. Your writing is masterful. The descriptions made me feel as though I were in the house, and reading the papers over your shoulder. Great story!
This is wonderful writing and I was drawn in by your story and descriptions. I was left with some questions about the house. Was it just near the child's small home? I wanted to know more. Good job.
Congratulations on the win!
Hauntingly sad and beautiful at the same time, the descriptions were so real and the story with the added sadness of truth. Good job.
Congratulations, Elizabeth! Great story and writing!
Congratulations on your EC. This is very good writing. You made the story so alive -- so chilling.