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The last paragraph is PERFECT. This so tugs at the heartstrings. Love the reporter's name, and the personalities of the characters.
This definitely has a great title and a great ending!

This is very dialogue-heavy--perhaps a bit more description would help to put your readers in the setting.

Nothing like a precious little girl to put a lump in the ol' throat...
I liked it! You developed emotion expertly and had great reader involvement. God bless.
This is a beautiful story told very well.
It's amazing how the handicaps of others can bring light to our own. Beautiful story. Thank you.
This reads like the beginning of a good book! I'd like to know more about your main character, and the Center she loves so much.
Love your last line! And dear Emily sounds like an angel. One note: "Your Lillian’s grandson" should be "You're". ^_^ Good job with this. I liked your characters, how real they were.
A good look at tragedy, how it impacts different people, and how it can move people to kindness. I enjoyed reading this.
I'd like to read more about this little girl's story, as well as what happens next. Well written.
I found the descriptions of your characters and their dialogue between each other kept the story focused and moving quickly. I had a strong sense that this was just the beginning of a larger story in novella form because of your writing style.
Such a heart touching story, Rita! I'm so glad I stopped in for this treat! It's precious.