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"Her tone had carried the tackiness of glue as its pity stuck to the very core of his will." Such great imagery in these words! The whole story is filled with them.

I like how you show the false joy the homeless man has and the ways he tries to convince himself that his life is fine. A great, contemplative piece!
You certainly presented "sad" with his thoughts, his condition, his eternal future.
Sometimes people don't realize the how sad their condition really is. This is a great viewpoint on this topic.
Great descriptions in this piece. Congrats on the win.
WOW. WOW. WOW. I am sitting here trying to decide what to type. To get inside the head of this person and relay this feelings and thoughts to us...that's pure talent. Great job. I loved this "sad" entry. It's so unique and creative. A well deserved win. Congrats!
None so blind as those who refuse to see. Well done, Steve, and congratualtions.