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Nicely done. A good flow through many people in the Bible and I enjoyed your last line. :)
Really nice! This would be a perfect poem to read to children and to any other Christian who feels inadequate with the talents God has given them! Very enjoyable to read.
Like this a lot. I could actually see this as a picture book, with a verse for each page and bible pictures - and maybe a mirror on the last page. I think kids AND adults would enjoy it.
I love it! Me too — I'm happy being me. Great work.
Oh I love this!!! Your meter is perfect which suggests to me that you're an English teacher! LOL But I love the way you went through the Bible choosing men and women known for either admirable qualities or not so admirable and deciding that, hey, each of us is unique, and each of us is precious to our Maker. It was He, after all, who said "I have called you by name." I hope you win with this entry!
This was a delightful read! I liked the way you wrote about exemplary characters in a serious way, yet also had a few verses that included some humor as well. It is a good reminder that we should enjoy being the people God made us to be!
Nice poem. As I read I wondered which Bible character you were going to say wcs "happy." Your ending was perfect. Great job.
I enjoyed your entry, and your meter is perfect. Very nicely done. I am happy being me, I like that.
I like it! It is important to learn to be content as who God made us, because often the search for greatness can lead us down the wrong path...
I could definitely see this as an illustrated children's book. Lovely, lyrical look at some Bible heroes, and a nice lesson on being happy just being who God made each of us.
What an important lesson wrapped up in poetry form. We should be happy with how and who God made us to be. This was a very enjoyable read. Thumbs up!
I especially like this because it shows the strengths and character of people from the Bible that God gave us as example to emmulate...but then you show so beautifully that because we aren't exactly like them, God still loves and supports us because of who we are and not what we are.
Verna, this is lovely! I like the ryhme and flow (my only note was the second verse...was a tad off-key for me. It didn't sound right when I read it aloud, maybe it is too short/long?) I like how you capture the different bible characters, Solomon, David and Job. Very well done! ^_^
I enjoyed this. Good POV.
Your poem really blessed me. I kept wondering just how you were going to bring out the theme, but you did it! I loved how you ended it... Wonderful!
Oh, Verna, this is truly lovely! What a mezmerizing walk through the 'stars' of our familiar Biblical stories! Your rhythm and rhyme flow flawlessly. With a wink ;-) I delightfully disagree with one statement, if the speaker is you, dear poet: "I cannot sing and play the harp/
Nor write a lovely Psalm,/
Like David with his gift of words,/
That are a healing balm."
That's exactly what you do, Verna! ;-)