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I particularly enjoyed your 2nd and 4th paragraphs, and your writing has considerable promise. I'll mention two things that you might want to work on, but if you'd like a more detailed critique, feel free to e-mail or PM me.

1. It's a good idea to avoid beginning with dictionary definitions.

2. There are several unnecessary commas--eliminating them will improve the flow of this little essay.

I really look forward to reading more from you here--this article is lovely.
I enjoyed it, too. It's good to be reminded of the free gift God gives us. It's easy to slip into being confident in our own abilities and forgetting Who created us with those abilities from the start!
When I read your first line about the 5 songs guaranteed to boost your confidence...I wanted to laugh...and then I thought, you know, that's really sad.

I really like this line "the individual receives an overwhelming amount of confidence that no matter what this life holds for him, that his eternity is with our Lord." Allow me to use a cliche here, "Truer words were never spoken." Thanks!
So much truth here - and you gave me a giggle. Thanks for writing!
This is a great article on confidence. Thanks so much for sharing.